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Visual Identity

Trust in the center

In times of digitalization as a must, we were asked to develop the identity of a brand for a marketplace with focus on bedding, assisted by its owners, as in those ‘corner-stores times’ where the word and trust were commonplace.
That’s how Tienda Central was created, a comfort-centric brand. They stay with you from start to end. It is not a matter of buying, it is the beginning of a relationship.

The brand we created was based around the idea of ‘Trust + Relax’, a positioning that leveraged Tienda Central main idea and their desire to always be on the side of the consumer: trust in the center of the relationship.

A round purchase:

A simple visual identity with a strong symbol to build a clear brand concept around simplicity and ease.

As founders, sometimes it is very hard to express what we have in mind about a brand development, so I consider that the main challenge a brand agency has, is to work hand by hand, allowing us to play with situations that come up and make the right questions. That is exactly what Simple did with us and I can assure, it was excellent! Thank you Simple for your entire dedication and comprehension.

Alejandro RoitmanCo-Founder · Tienda Central

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