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Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Sonic Branding

The starting point

RiiVi is a chilean brand for the first streaming platform of Latin American content, 100% for free. Their founders came to us with a clear need: to build a strong and digital-native brand around the name they already had (with a latin "R" sound), to show the quality Latin America has in every film and series production.

The solution

We developed a 360° solution, including a tagline that express the brand essence: ‘Continente contenido’ (Continent & content). Being a latin brand, we played with the words expressing different meanings: a “contained and stunning force”, and the support the brand offers to the platform in the world of streaming.

Branding an origin

Today, origin related to a specific country or region is an attribute and an opportunity for brands. Understanding origin, its meaning and potential, offers companies an opportunity to create competitive advantage and differentiation. RiiVi will spread the latin american culture in the digital and in the streaming world.

The visual identity is built combining the identity of Latin America and the streaming universe.

A mother color rules the whole identity with simple but powerful graphic elements that represent the latin american essence on digital codes. The logotype has the strong and weight worked in the brand concept with a latin symbol in one of the superscript dots of the letter ‘i’, the leading vowel of the name.

When looking for a company that could help us to create our brand, we wanted someone that not only should give options to us but also show things we didn’t know we wanted. Simple surprised us in every meeting, positioning our brand in a place we had never dreamt before.

Cristobal GüellFounder · RiiVi

The color

A dark violet atmosphere was chosen to identify this streaming platform among the ones already exist in the market and also to strength the typical colorful vibrance where Latin America belongs to.

Simple has accomplished, with intuition and methodology, the goal of taking from our imaginary, the abstract spirit of our brand and bringing it to life in a coherent, unforgettable and unique way!

Ilan OlielFounder & CTO · RiiVi

The Audiologo

We work on the brand audiologo together with Drop Music Branding, revaluing the indigenous sounds of Latin America together with a sound style that responds to the category to supplement de motion branding developed for the particular typography essence of RiiVi's logotype.

Special credit:

Audiologo developed by Drop Music Branding > dropmusicbranding.com

Let’s create together:

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