To create the [Real & Possible] change.




renewable energy






The client: A Belgian NGO dedicated to accelerate the transition to clean energy in the Global South by unlocking renewable energy (RE) markets to scalable private investments at low prices promoting sustainable economic development for the people. 

The starting point:

A common place identity not capable to transmit the disruptive vision of the brand: Becoming the standard for RE auctions design and implementation to make real change possible

The solution:

A 360° branding solution that wins over the minds and hearts of the stakeholders & represents the REAL changes, making them POSSIBLE.


Disruptive vision, disruptive name.

A green-planet journey: Enabling RE in developing countries will make the dream real. At Simple, we are truly proud to be part.

The power of a symbol.

We developed a symbol as simple as powerful: equality with the subtle incorporation of the planet dressed in green. That is the most powerful synthesis of the promise of RELP.

E = 🌍 + 🟢 + 🟰

After hiring one of the most important branding studios in NY and not achieving the desired result, we decided to entrust SIMPLE with the enormous challenge of accompanying us in the rebranding process. Fast, professional, creative, honest, and always willing. We adore the result and love the journey. Thank you, SIMPLE!

Sebastián KindChairman & CEO · RELP

Bold offer, bold typography.

A deep understanding.

Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the world of Renewable Energy and Philantropy. Engaging with staff from various departments across all levels, we understood that one key question lay at the heart of the project: Making renewable energy possible for every corner of the planet.

A real future-proof brand.

We made the brand video for the launch of the rebranding: the script describes the committed promise of this future-proof brand.

Our experience working with the SIMPLE team has been enriching. They quickly understood who we are and what we needed, making a complex process seem simple. We are incredibly pleased and proud of our new brand! Thank you SIMPLE!

Sophie Kloster ErizeHead of Communications · RELP

Let’s create together:

Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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