Lupin Lime

-Heartcrafted- jewels from the south.






Brand strategy

Visual identity

Verbal behavior


We worked the brand strategy & positioning, visual identity and tagline for this Argentine brand of luxury jewelry that will spread the Latin American art in Europe, offering high quality products designed by Latin independent goldsmiths.

We are pleased to have been distinguished with the “Sello Buen Diseño argentino 2021” in our very first year of life, in the category of 'Visual communication strategies'.

Lupin Lime was already the name chosen by the client. It is totally connected with the art of blending, mixing concepts in a poetic way. These are concepts that build the brand manifesto: Latin America is fertile land for talent. We know how to get up. Rebuild ourselves. Reinvent ourselves. As long as the sun shines, its light will be inspiration. The way it penetrates life creates powerful, bold contrasts. Light and shadow, stone and water, cloud and earth, 𝐋𝐮𝐩𝐢𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐋𝐢𝐦𝐞. A know-how that transcends materials, methods, cultures and times, crosses art, like a light.

A -simple- identity.

We developed a simple and sophisticated visual system as a result of the conceptual platform based on the sensitivity of the goldsmiths, the Latin American art and the people who will use Lupin Lime’s jewelry.

Lupin Lime is prepared to be the most relevant international brand of handcrafed jewelry in the promotion of Latin American Art.

To strengthen the verbal territory, we designed a group of resources along the concept of 'Combination'. As Lupin and Lime, every key message is developed combining different concepts linked to this part of the world: our beloved "South".

The brand Mission

Lupin Lime's mission is to be a bridge between Latin American design and the rest of the world, offering pieces of art handcrafted by independent goldsmiths that share its values, assisiting the overall training of rising artists of the region.

“Paint your neighbourhood and you will be painting the world.”

Lupin Lime speaks to sensible people, capable of feeling emotions with beauty, noble feelings and artistic sensivity. The art that Lupin Lime offers, is not only handcrafted, it’s heartcrafted.

The combination of the elements that make up each piece and the energy emanating from the history of their creation, give each jewel from Lupin Lime, an unrepeatable design and cultural uniqueness.

Let’s create together:

Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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