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Brand architecture

Strategy & Positioning

Verbal & visual identity

The client:

Jalasoft is a Bolivian company thar was born as Jala to provide talented software engineers to the United States. Today, after 20 years of continued expansion and a team of +1200 employees, the company keeps growing: Jalasoft is a renowned nearshore outsourcing company standing at the forefront of technology innovation. With a solid culture of continuous learning and guided by creativity, commitment, responsibility, humility, and passion, Jalasoft provides unparalleled technology services worldwide.

The request:

In the middle of its full global growth, Jalasoft asked us to analyze and work on its Brand Architecture to develop the necessary evolution in each brand expression and communication space for its different business units: Education, Outsourcing and Startup's accelerator. The process included the study of the complete brand strategy and positioning redesign, naming deployments and visual behaviour of each unit.

Working with transparency & trust as core values, Jalasoft establishes long-term partnerships that lead its clients to the next step in their digital journeys.

Our main visual identity solution was developed within the logotype: the union between knowledge + experience, gives 'Knowledge' as a result ("Saber" in Spanish). That is why the S of the logo is made up of two fluidly interconnected parts, uniting the two main colors of the brand. S also worfks for -Savyy-, a characteristic shared by every Jalasoft employee.

A clear Brand Architecture project.

The next challenge was to organize the group brand’s portfolio. Based on their strategic goals and new structure, we recommended a brand architecture model that organise every business unit, allowing them to grow and flourish while also contributing towards a common goal.

SpeedSix: Jalasoft’s Accelerator

All engineers in Jalasoft can empower their talent and generate new & creative products with freedom. The company offers a Technology Accelerator Program that provides entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to jumpstart their projects. SpeedSix was the branding solution from Simple, to identify this unit. It is built by a series of startups that provide tech components and ready-made solutions that help reduce time to market.

Jala University: real High School level

Strategic Pillars: Education, Research & Development. Jalasoft is deeply involved in several education actions that start from the High School level leading up to Graduate and postgraduate training & support. This was our brand development for the Education unit.

Let’s create together:

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