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With more than 20 years of experience, IOL invertironline became the first dedicated and specialized online trading site in Argentina, whose purpose is to improve people’s quality of life, by helping to optimize their income. In addition, it is a founding member of Cámara Fintech and, in 2018, it was acquired by the Supervielle Group. IOL invertironline offers a unique proposition, which integrates all current financial information, the advice of a team of professionals and the opportunity to manage savings and digitally run a wide variety of financial instruments.

In Argentina it offers different investment options to optimize savings such as bonds, shares, CEDEARs, money market funds, sureties, negotiable bonds, interest-bearing accounts in pesos and US dollars, stock exchange dollars and the possibility of investing in the United States, the largest market in the world. It is a 100% digital native company that employs more than 195 people across the country.

The starting point:

During the past years, IOL has consolidated its leading position as an online retail broker. Looking ahead, the goal was to scale the business and to further enhance the customer experience. By fostering the financial education of their clients and enable them to boost their savings by investing in a wide range of financial products through a simple and intuitive platform.

The first online broker for online stock trading and long-term investing of Argentina expanding to the region. Taking into account the competitive environment and with its customers in mind, IOL invertironline is betting on high-impact personalization.

We took on the company first rebranding in 20 years. Our mission was clear: to return the brand to iconic status as the category pioneer.

The solution:

We delivered a brand evolution built around ‘time’, redesigning the entire portfolio.

We evolve the name to accompany business growth into new segments and investment choices, not only online, and have created an evolved visual brand identity, featuring refreshed colors for digital impact, and fonts selection for optimal digital experiences.

The evolution

From online investment > To personal financial managment

From > To IOL invertironline
From a name anchored to a segment (online investors) to a name with the elasticity to follow the business growth to build a large portfolio of solution for each segment (IOL invertironline / IOL Corporate / IOL Academy, etc)

From InvertirOnline Academy >  To IOL Academy

From a traditional visual identity > To a visual identity capable to capitalize the brand history while telling the future

The brand in the space

Our team developed a clear and distinctive brand environmental behavior for IOL. Being a digital native brand, the company was going to open new offices at Buenos Aires downtown.

Visit the 360 view we developed:

We have been blown away by the incredible value Simple delivered as the authors of the story about how underwent a brand refresh to evolve to a new age. They supported us in the process of defining who we are and learning that a true branding process is much more than a logo.

Juan Manuel NuñezHead of Marketing · IOL invertironline

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