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Visual Identity



The client:

Flowics is the most comprehensive cloud-based platform powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content for linear and OTT broadcasters, helping content to move to the next level.

Trusted by over 50 television networks across the US, Latin America and Europe, Flowics’ solutions enable customers to create and remotely operate live interactive experiences and audience participation for live streaming, broadcast and venue screens.

The starting point:

• A brand built around the functional aspects of their offer in a business where product changes constantly.

• A verbal identity anchored to a moment of the company.

• A visual identity designed around a weak logotype useless for many responsive needs.

The solution:

A conceptual evolution built around the new brand purpose we delivered: Powering producers.

From Content > To Experiences
From Broadcasting > To Entertainment
From a functional brand > To a purpose brand
From a Cloud-based interactive platform > To ‘Magic in your hands’

We delivered a 360° solution that expresses the brand essence: ‘Ctrl Magic’. Being a remote solution, we played with the shortcut ‘control + key functions’, expressing the benefit of not needing hardware: the magic is in broadcasters’ hands.

The name of the brand already existed. It came from a particular feature from the beginning of the product, but with the new strategy we gave it a whole new meaning with the rational behind: ‘Let the magic flow’. Now, Flowics is a way to contract this concept with a clear consequence: the client fell in love again with their own name.

Playing cards, screens or buttons: the ‘F’ we designed is prepared to be decoded with all those and correct interpretations. The magic that the broadcasters use, is present in the whole identity of Flowics.

We designed a visual system born from the main symbol, improving the main colors of the brand and complemented by a subtle and digital own iconographic language, as a result of the ‘magic’ concept.

Working with Simple was a very rewarding experience that let us evolve our brand and take it to the level our business needed.

Gabriel BañosCEO & Co-Founder · Flowics

Let’s create together:

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