Adapting a global brand to Latin America.






Positioning & Strategy

Tone & Voice

Visual identity

We were pleased to be called by AVON to adapt the global strategy, verbal and visual identity of the recently launched rebranding to the Latin American market. It was a real challenge to adapt the new brand positioning, reflected in the "Watch me now" claim, to a complete different beauty culture that Latin America lives. Also the brand itself is received completely different in this region. "Watch me now" ("Mirame de nuevo" in Spanish) represents an attitude and a philosophy, a new way of casting, styling and photographing for AVON.

The request:

Based within 3 country clusters across Latin America, the company needed to structure and organize the brand communications of more than 20 main touchpoints such as social media, its website, AVON Foundation, retail brunches, brand activations, employee uniforms, etc. We were asked to adapt the global brand strategy and positioning through a correct usage of the brand tone and voice and the visual behaviour, amplifying the aspects that we detect as improvement opportunities for the 3 different audiences the brand has: sales force network, employees and consumer.


AVON believes that beauty is the stuff that transformations are made of. That's why our main challenge in our deliverables was to reach the correct behaviour of the whole brand identity to inspire the countries' teams that would work with our output. We delivered more than 20 toolkits containing all the brand basis and amplifications with clear examples of where the brand has to go in Latin America. We had to enhance that AVON is an inspirational beauty brand that brings out its customers inner power by boosting everyone with confidence, choice and representation.

Amplifying resources:

AVON's new identity brings power and beauty together. The logo has more substance, with a bigger presence. The color palette combines feelgood vibrancy with the warmth of inclusivity. It also has a system of shapes and patterns to give all the content distinctiveness, personality and consistency.

Our challenge was to enhance all these resources in a big territory for a powerful verbal and visual communication accross the whole touchpoints, taking into account that Latin American culture has to be clearly reflected in our work and every deployment of the project for the future brand expressions.

The tone of voice principles sets AVON apart from other brands. It uniforms not just what AVON says, but HOW it says it: the words it uses, their order, rhythm and pace. The principles of how AVON sounds are: INSPIRING, INCLUSIVE, BOLD & OPTIMISTIC.

The A-frame.

The graphic language of the brand has a main element that represents the identity in every communication. The A-frame is the shape that not only contains phographies or displays products, it is an important symbol that had to be treated with the sophistication that the client was looking for.

AVON Foundation: One of these main touchpoints was the Foundation territory. Simple adapted the verbal and visual language for this unit of the brand with a strong presence not only in the consumer mind but in every woman that sells the products in the region, with whom the company is committed. Of course the graphic identity through the color palette was adapted to differentiate the communications of the Foundation.

We delivered a group of basic toolkits that exemplify good practices to inspire all the markets of the 3 country clusters that the brand has in the region.

Let’s create together:

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