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Brand Strategy & Positioning

Visual identity

Verbal behavior

The client

123seguro is an Argentine company pioneering the insurtech digital world. It is currently in a process of expansion and called us with a specific request: to prepare the brand for the next years and evaluate together different alternatives of evolution for its graphic and verbal identity.

The initial process

It was not about a naming issue, the challenge was to inventively look for the way to represent the company and evaluate in which moment to apply it. That’s how we presented different possible brand territories, all of them well received by the client. For this first step, they decided to apply this logo refresh, that was useful to evolve the graphic universe of the brand and capitalize the moment to get rid of the ‘seguro’ descriptor on main applications.

H2H (Human to human)

123 is an insurtech which vision is to be the more human-base insurance platform of the region, making the whole experience, simple, easy and transparent.

We were commisioned to evolve the 123 visual identity in different steps. The refreshment of the logo was worked evolving the 3 mother colors of the previous one. The entire graphic system was developed with the same elements that the brand was already using, but with a little twitch.

The main symbol of the brand is the group of these consecutive numbers, 1-2-3, that represents the simplicity and promptness the company offers to digitally find an insurance company. That is why our solution has a main version for the logotype but the brand system can also use other combinations of the same numbers as a graphic resource to represent the brand without the need for the application of the corporate logo.

We developed the brand strategy, positioning, brand platform for 123seguro with an excercise of levels of change for the visual and verbal identity evolution, as a client request. The entire graphic and verbal system was developed with the same elements that the brand was already using, but with a little creative twitch.

We found in Simple the perfect combination between solid experience and agile flexibility that allowed us to achieve high-level results in a short time frame.

Bruno FerrariCo-Founder & COO · 123seguro

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